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“The Rest of the Story”–the Whole Story of A.A.–is not about “good.” It’s about God!

March 20, 2014

It is the premise of our new presentation of the “rest of the story” that the recovery, lives, program, and twelfth-stepping of our fellowship will be stronger when they have the entire A.A. picture before them–and not just the films, books, and forums which discuss and disclose only what the writer opines is “good for them.” It’s not about good. It’s about God!


Dick B. Christian Recovery Radio Interview of Worship Pastor Don C. of CA

March 27, 2013

Dick B. interviews Christian Recovery leader Don C. on the March 27, 2013, episode of the “Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B.” show on

Dick B.
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You may listen to Dick B. interview Christian recovery leader Don C. on the March 27, 2013, episode of the “Christian Recovery Radio with Dick B.” show here:

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First, some special points by Don C., “the communicator,” about what else you can see and hear right now on his own media outlets. I begin with his message:

I am a Throat Cancer survivor, diagnosed and treated successfully last year. I’m a worship pastor who sings my heart out for Jesus, so it was a miracle that I survived and that my voice is stronger than it’s ever been right now.

I’ve written a book titled 12 Steps: NOT For Dummies in which I point chronic relapsers to how A.A. Cofounders Bill W. and Dr. Bob did recovery in the beginning—2 men and a Bible! See

I’m worship pastor for Salvation Army’s Lytton Springs Celebrate Recovery meetings twice a month, too, bringing my rock band “The Message Project” in to lead worship

I have several websites that are vastly underused: This is for people’s testimonies; and people can post them in the forum, and I’ll transfer them to my blog – a message board that I put together right before my Throat Cancer adventure last year.

“I Love AA” is another website covering much of the historical material I have learned from Dick B.’s major website See also

Dick B.’s Introduction to the Christian Recovery Radio interview of Don C.

Our guest today is Christian recovery leader Don C. from the Santa Rosa, California, area. I’m quite familiar with this area because my parents had a wonderful home in nearby Sebastopol where my own family spent many hours as visitors for some 20 years. And the visits often took us over to Don’s territory for flower exhibits, county fair days, and other outings.

Often, I am able to recount the personal contacts I have had with our Christian leaders; but Don’s case has been different. Don has done lots of recovery work with alcoholics and addicts in his area. He has fully supported the mission of the International Christian Recovery Coalition ( and posted many of our historical items on his Web sites. He has great Web sites–which he will tell you about. But we are in Hawaii, Don is in central California, and Don has had health and other problems which limited our contact until we met him in Northern California last month.

However, Don C. now has an important post in the recovery arena. He also drove from Santa Rosa to the San Jose Area to meet with several Christian recovery leaders, and Ken and me, to discuss networking, conferences, and disseminating more information about the role that God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible have played in recovery from alcoholism and addiction and can play today.

Don will tell us about these things. He will also fill us in on his upbringing, family, jobs, education, and relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ. And he will tell us a bit about his drinking and addiction experiences, as well as the important recovery work he is doing now. We look forward to hearing lots about Don C.’s godly efforts in the future.

And now–take it away, Don

Synopsis of the Christian Recovery Radio Interview of Don C., RAS

Things have changed in A.A. and the recovery community in the Santa Rosa, California area. When Don entered the rooms of A.A., you could not say even the word “Lord.” Today, in Sonoma County, California, there is a different attitude—based on the increasingly widespread knowledge that the Bible is the source of the Twelve Steps.

Don’s book 12 Steps: NOT For Dummies has taken off like a rocket—not only in Don’s own area, but widely elsewhere. He tells about early A.A. with its Morning Devotions and Bible studies. He lays out more spiritual principles that enable the suffering folks to gain a real understanding of God in connection with the 12 Steps. There was a great need for such work because recovery with the Bible had virtually stopped in later A.A. We reviewed with Don the important A.A. Conference-approved resource The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous: Biographical Sketches: Their Last Major Talks—designated Pamphlet P-53. There, the words of Dr. Bob spell out the vital importance of the Bible in the A.A. successes before there were any drunkalogs, Steps, Traditions, or Big Books. And Don believed it vital to disseminate to alcoholics and addicts information about the History of A.A. and do it free. Don relied heavily on the material on Dick B.’s main website

Don previously was Director of Missions and then Program Director of the largest recovery facility in his area. Then he got his present job with the County of Sonoma—bringing inmates from the jail into programs.

Ten years sober, Don changed from a Christian hater demanding “Prove it!” when the Word about Jesus walking on the water and the parting of the Red Sea were mentioned. Almost miraculously, when Don was a carpenter and doing carpentry work for a lady, he was given Josh McDowell’s book More Than a Carpenter. Seven years after the gift, Don opened the book. Then he thought, what if the donor asks me if I’ve read it. So he read the book. He closed the book, and immediately Don felt the presence of Jesus; and Don’s heart was on fire for the Lord.
Don’s relationship with Jesus then became “My understanding” And he got to know the Lord.

The future for Don is bright. He toured the jail with a badge that gave him a “pass.” And this was with a program called “Starting Point.” He has also interviewed for another job and is excited that things are popping up all around him to glorify and serve our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. His wife has been blessed with the same fire. Now his little daughter has come to love the Lord. When Don is not at work, he gives praise to the Lord; and, in the case of his daughter, asked Him to reveal himself to the little girl. And “God let me know.”

With his throat cancer problem resolved, Don is loaded with blessings that will enable him to continue in his Christian recovery leadership and work and blast away with the message of what God can do for the alcoholic and addict when sought.

For further information, contact Dick B., or 808 874 4876