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Want to know the proven ink between early A.A. and Christianity?

April 17, 2014

 Rocky M. recently asked for my thoughts about handling a man who had been a solid AA and a solid Christian, who had turned against AA, and who was slated to argue on radio with Rocky and “defend” Christianity and A.A.


Here were my suggestions as to how to deal with such a person in a “debate.”


“I received a message about your appearing on a radio program to defend Christianity and A.A. You asked for my thoughts. My views are these: (1) A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still. (2) Contempt prior to investigation is an everlasting bar to factual knowledge. (3) The history of A.A.’s Christian origins and early program is overwhelming: (a) Its ideas came largely from the Bible as used by YMCA, Salvation Army, Gospel Rescue Missions, Congregationalism, evangelists like Dwight Moody, and Young People’s Society of Christian Endeavor. Ask  your tormenter if he knows that or has ever researched  the facts. (b) Dr. Bob and Bill were solid students of the Bible in East Dorset Vermont, Manchester Vermont, and St. Johnsbury Vermont. Ask your tormenter if know about Bill’s 4 year Bible study course, his presidency of the YMCA in high school, and his daily attendance at chapel. (c) Dr. Bob and Bill and their families regularly attended Congregational Churches in East Dorset, Manchester, and St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Ask your tormenter if he knows anything at all about the Smith–Wilson–Griffith participation in those churches. (4) Early AAs called themselves a “Christian fellowship.” Ask your tormenter if he knows where  that fact is reported in A.A. Conference-approved literature. . (5) The first three AAs all believed in God, were Christians, and had been Bible students or teachers in church. Ask your tormenter where the first three AAs told of their reliance on the “Lord” and on their “Heavenly Father.” See also